About us - General information

We are offering products from the wellness or health sector that should enable the body to aktivate the self-healing power, to protect us or show us where there could be weak spots. These products are innovative and in our opinion represent an exception in the particular segment or  very clearly stand out of similar products. We would like to give assistance to amateurs as well as to specialist so that diseases and deficits could be found and perhabs eliminated. Futhermore we would give the opportunity to protect against miscellaneous environmental impacts (for example electric smog or water). For some of our products we have exclusive distribution rights (for example the sole agency for some countries), for other products we are a special distributor beside others. We are looking permanently for new distribution partners worldwide. So if you are interested in the offered products or you are searching a distributor in your area please simply contact us. And if you use our shop you are wellcome.  

We are living in an era that is more and more domiated by technique. Not so long ago these technique only could help us to see what happens in our body and what kind of weak spots (diseases) we have. It was in most cases very expensive and only in exception for domestic use.  Thanks to new possibilities and the ongoing digitalization this has changed. Aktivier Dich is offering such products that are suitable for domestic use only by its price and the simply handling but at the same time provide valuable assitance to professionals. The main part is to visualize the actual condition of the body quick and in total and to enable ourselves to use our self healing power.

Furthermore we are stressed by an increasingly foreign influence (in form of electric smog or bad water). We offen could not recognize these influences but they are permanently around us and our body is working against these influences all the time. As a consequence the main functions of the body are neglected and we are becoming ill. As well you can and should protect yourself against this and we offer the corresponding products.  


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