• The circumference of the wrist on which the elastic wristband is placed can be from 68 to 120 mm.


  • The device's weight is 200 grams.


  • Light-emitting diodes are used to indcate the device's operating mode, which pulsate gently when the device is used.
  • Whenthe batter is used up, the red battery symbol flashes This meas youu need to replace the battery.

Power supply to device

  • 2 LR03/AAA or R03/AAA batteries are used as a power supply.
  • Two new batteries of 1500mA/hr are enough to undertake approximately 100 sessions (procedures)
  • Batteries are not included within the device package.

Device package contents

  • Inferum ABP-051device
  • Instructions for use of device
  • User case

Materials used

  • Components of the device's cover are made from ABS plastic, upper cover - clear plastic.
  • The wristband is made from elastic soft textile which ensures there is tight contact between the electrodes and the skin of the wrist.

Care for your device

  • Use non-agressiive disinfectannts to clean the electrodes (e.g. soap solution or a weak chlorhexidine solution) and soft cloths which do not release fibres.
  • The device contains fragile components. Protect it from shocks. All device repairs should onlyy beundertaken by qualified staff at the production plant.
  • To prevent possible damage to the device, you must not use the device while other electrical equipment is in use. 

Storing the device

  • Temperatures from -40 °C to +50 °C and relativehumidity of up to 80 % (at 20 °C). If storing the device at an ambient temperature below 10  ° C,leave it at room temperature in the closed package for at least 3 hours before using it (to prevent condensation formation).

Operating the device

  • Temperatures from +10 °C to +35 °C and relative humidity from 30 % to 93 %, atmospheric pressure from 70 kPa to 106 kPa.
  • Operate the device at sufficient distance from heat sources and protect it from long-term exposure to sunlight at high (higher than +35 °C) ambient air temperatures.

Protection against moisture

  • The device is not watertight; protect it from increased humidity. The device cover's protection rating is IP41.


  • The warranty period for using the device is 2 years.