Why ROFES is important?

Care for your family

Treatment in time

Food supplements

Damaging factors

Saving you time and money

Regular diet

Overwork in sport

ROFES allows you to monitor the health of those close to you and ROFES NO LIMIT to monitor an unlimited number of people

Using ROFES device, you will find out about any problem before it fully expresses itself. Symptoms usually occur at a time when it is already important to see a doctor.

Allows you to minitor the effectiveness of any food supplements you take.

It shows you how bad habits, bad working conditions or other external damaging factors impact on the body.

Allowing you to determine your body's overall health, the health of 17 orgnas and systems, and your psychoemotional state within just 3 minutes.

Helps you to choose a healthy and balanced diet.

Allows you to monitor the effectivness of sports activities and determine the optimal workload for your body. Enjoy sport