Indications for use of device


  • Occasional increases or reductions in arterial blood pressure in stressful situtions or during changes in weather
  • Arterial hyoertonia or hypotonia as a supplement to comprehensive drug treatment
  • Early arteriaal hypertonia or hypotonia at a phase before prescription of medicines. AAt periods when the patient is advised to change his lifestyle, diet, avoid bad habits, physical activity, to reduce excess body weight.
  • Vegetative-vascular dystonia of hypertonic or hypotonic nature.
  • Secondary (symptomatic) arterial hypertonia or arterial hypotonia for patients with endocrine renal pathology.
  • Sekundäre (symptomatische) arterielle Hypertonie oder arterielle Hypotonie bei Kranken mit endokriner Nierenpathologie

Contraindications for use of device


  • Individual intolerance to electric current
  • If you have a peacemaker implanted
  • Neoplasms of any ethology or location
  • Acute fever of any origin
  • Mental disturbances or being under the influence of alcohol
  • Fluctuating arrhythmia
  • Myocardial infarction