further information ROFES MONICOR

What is necessary?

  • PC or laptop with windows
  • System requirements: Min. processor speed : 1.66 Ghz, RAM-memory: 4 Gb
  • Operative systems for both PC and Laptop: Windows 7, 8, 10 
  • Hard drive with a free capacity of 500 Mb 
  • One free USB port
  • Sound card with one port for earphones is needed for complete usage
  • Basic knowledge of working with a PC


scope of supply

MONICOR is delivered in a case with a console unit that is linked up with the PC / Laptop via USB port. The programs are on a USB flash drive. Further product contents are cardio electrodes (clamps) with coloured conductors, some adhesive electrodes, a wire for the electrode with a sticky patch. The initial equipment contains some adiitional information carriers for the treatment.

circlr diagram of meridians after measuring with ROFES MONICOR
circle diagram of meridians
analyses of organs and systems after measuring with ROFES MONICOR and a model with acupuncture points on the side
analysis of organs and systems

Wie kann MONICOR Parasiten erkennen?

Monicor is sending frequencies that are corresponding to the special frequencies oof the parasites, bacteria and so on. If  one of the pathogens is in the body and active it would react to these frequencies. This is  measurable by MONICOR and can be evaluated according to the reactions. Since each pathogen has its own specific frequencies the respective pathogans can be found with a high confidence.


Which pathogens can be found by MONICOR?   

MONICOR is identifying approximately 170 pathogens (parasites, worms, bacteria, viruses and so on). Among these pathogens there are the most common ones. A small selction:

salmonellae, hepatitis b or c, herpes, HIV, borrelia, pneumococci, streptococci, campylobacter, heliobacter, SARS and many others).

picture of a colour-therapy with ROFES MONICOR
picture of a colour-therapy


Functionality of MONICOR

Monicor reads frequencies from the entire body – all organs and body parts – analyses these by comparing with normal values and thereafter shows the health condition. If there are deviations from normal values, the device is able to correct the frequencies and improve or restore physical organs and body parts. Monicor also reads the frequencies of acupunture points and which points are weak. By selecting the weakest points and also correcting these, Monicor offers the optimal acupuncture treatment – without needles! 

The program in Monicor’s database recognizes the frequencies from the most commonly existing parasites and is able to check if any of these are active in the body. If so, it is able to eliminate the parasites.
Additionaly, Monicor discovers coarse frequencies in the body (0-100 Hz) and corrects these. Coarser frequencies are controlled by finer frequencies, available in the body’s fluids, cell membranes and in the DNA. In other words, we can, with the aid of Monicor, discover the symptom, affect and correct its energetic status by strengthening the acupuncture points.

piicture of ROFES MONICOR after analyses of pathogens
analyses of pathogens

The treatment by MONICOR

The program MONICOR is offering different therapies that can be used separately or together.

  • The meridians can be regulated based on the measurements made. MONICOR is regulating by itsef those meridans with the highest attention. During the regulation a permanent feedback process is taking place so that the system is able to act on the reactions.
  • If MONICOR has found any pathogens it offers the opportunity to treat these pathogens at once target oriented with frequencies. This treatment by frequencies can be supported by an individual music- and / or colour-therapy.
  • MONICOR is offering the opportunity to chose specific treatments with frequencies that could be supported as well by music- and / or colour-therapy
  • Additionally MONICOR offers the opportunity to create information carriers if there are longer therapies. These carriers are sticked to the skin and shall unfold its effect within approximately 5 - 8 hours.

On www.monicor.info you find more information

here are downloads for MONICOR