How ROFES works?

Assessing overall health

Assessing your psychoemotional state

17 organs of the body

Test performed on a biologically active point on the wrist. Does not require special training. simply connect ROFES to a computer or tablet


ROFES captures information from the biologically active MS - 7 point, which is located on the wrist of your left hand. The device's active electrode sends a weak signal and registers the body's responce to the impulses


ROFES compares the data acquired to models which correspond to the body of a healthy person.




 Data acquired

  • Testing overall state of health and 17 individua organs and systems
  • Analysis of data, and subsequent display on screen within 3 minutes
  • Assessment of psychoemotional state
  • Assessment of the negative impact of damaging habits on the body
  • Determination of the negatiive impact of stress and overwork
  • Identification of external factors which have a negative impact on the body
  • Identification of problems before any external symtoms appear
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of drugs and medicines