Inferum NBP 050

(Wellness version of INFERUM)

  Normalises arterial blood pressure


The device is designed for the drug-free correction of arterial blood pressure and the normalisation of the body's overall condition.

It can be used either as part of a comprehensive treatment (along with medicines) or on its own.


Aktivier Dich has got the general distribution rights for the  Inferum NBP 050 for Germany from the importer. 


The following points are arguments foor the Inferum NBP 050

  • Correct blood pressure      Helps to reduce or increase blood pressure
  • Less drugs                           Helps to reduce the number of drugs taken
  • Comfortable life                  Regular use helps to improve mood and gives an overall feeling of wellbeing
  • In any weather                    Reduces the effects of abrupt changes in weather on your body.
  • Always at hand                   Is small and thanks to battery operation can be used everywhere