Anwendung von ROFES

The ROFES testing method is based on an electric acupunture method.

The active electrode sends oout a weak electric signal and registers thhe body's response to the impulse

ROFES compares the results acquired with standards and displays the results in the monitor

All programmes needed and instructions for use are included in the complete package. Precise and clear instructions mean you will soon undertand the method of using the deevice and can begin testing. Your results will be ready in three minute


ROFES can be connected to a PC using the Windows XP,7, 8 or 10operating systems,, or at a tablet using the Android operating system with the following technical support:

  • Android version no lower than 4.2
  • Screen size no smaller than 7 inches
  • Tablets should support OTG (On the Go) external technology

Options for using ROFES

  • Testing a group of people (including family members) and recommanding recovery pro-grammes on the basis of your individual results.
  • Checking the effectiveness of procedures given and medicines used for tested person.
  • Assessment of the impact of sports exercise  on the body.