ROFES MONICOR in general

ROFES MONICOR is a health check that gives the opportunity, if allowed in the respective countries,  for correction of weak points.


MONICOR is offering:

  • A 3 minute diagnostic evaluation of organs and systems in real time, showing up to 2500 functional stress conditions
  • Assessment of up to 70 psycho-emotional states
  • Recognizing of frequencies of about 170 different micro organisms, such as viruses, bacteria and parasites
  • A clear picture of the condition of your meridian system
  • Detection and then a correction of weak acupuncture points - effective acupuncture WITHOUT needles!
  • Shows potential disease risks and lack or excess of energy in organs and systems
  • Symptom analysis
  • Symptom correction which normalizes, balances, corrects and detoxes organs and systems (immune, nervous ,lymph, endocrine, spiritual balance etc.)
  • Color and music therapy which improves the brain’s functions by balancing the brain rythms, which in turn balances the nervous- and the hormone system
  • Checks which foods, nutrients and supplements suits your body
  • Real time analysis of the effects of other therapeutic methods
  • Chakra diagnostics
  • Cleansing of the immediate surrounding from electromagnetic smog

Scientifically proven and without side-effects!