The products to protect against electric smog


Our modern world is producing radiation (electric smog) all the time and it has an infuence on humans and animals. Our body is permanently struggling against  this and very often can not fulfill its own tasks. This is manifested for example by stress, symptoms of fatigue,  insonia, the lacking in concentration and is extended  to  a lot of diseases. This is why it is necessary to protect against eletric smog and to render the radiation of,  for example WLAN, mobile communications, computers,  electronic kitchen aplliances, TV sets and so on, harmless for our body.  There are a lot of systems and suppliers on the market that promised you to do so but there are a lot of differences. We have tested a lot of these and finally decided to offer the products from wiharmony for our customers. There is no use of all identified disorders and the treatment of the symtoms if we can not protect against all of the evil that is sicken us. Any successfull cure would be only in the short run and after some time you would be ill again.


With the selected products from harmony the  protection against electric smog is provably possible. There are different sizes and fields of applications depending on the range of sphere. Do not underestimate the additional positive effects for example on your car and at least please remember your cats and dogs. Radiation is stressing animals as well but we have special collars for protection. More information is shown in our download area.


The following points are speaking for the products of wiharmony

  • provably effective                                                        The effects are scientifically proven with varous test.
  • no battery or eletrical connection necessary          There s no production of additional stress by electric smog that has to eliminated  later on.
  • simply handling                                                   Adhesive bonding or hanging it around (depends on the product) is enough.
  • very good value for money                                        The producer is giving a 10 year guarantee upon the function and a 6 month money-back-guarantee if you do not want to keep it.

Here are downloads in German with detailed background information