The product to structure and energize water to support the self-healing power of the body

Water is very important for human beings because without it we can not survive for a long time. But unfortunately there are different qualities and a lot of diverse charateristics of the water that could influence  us, positive or negative. Besides the purity it differentiates  as well by the the structur of the water molecules and the energy stored in the water. Bad structered water is hard to digest. Our body cannot handle it and the organism is more instead of relieved. Water is losing its original structure very quick because of the environmental effect (among others electronic smog). Therefore it is important to structure and vitalize (provide with energy) it very near-term  before drinking or using.

Easy structuring is possible as well with our offered wiharmony products nevertheless we recommand the  especially developed water device for water-structuring. It supplies the water with additionally considerable energy.  In this way our body is able to handle the given liqids much easier and the body cells shall gain energy directly. As a result the self healing power of the cells are activated and the organism is qualified to cure itself. Externally you can see it because your skin remains smooth and furthermore the general well-being is raised.


Because he organism mostly exists out of water the device for water structuring is build to structure and energize the water for drinking (indirect way) but as well it is possible to give the energy directly to the body cells. Normally the cell voltage should be around 70 mV. If it is less the voltage is raising by the device to approximately this level.  We can feel a heat development during this process but only at the points where the cells have reduced voltage before treating with the device. This is similar to a battery that is charged and therefore is getting warmer. By this process (raising the voltage of our body cells) a lot of corresponding mechanisms in our body are launched. Healthy cells are able to work better and fulfil its original tasks. The self-healing power is started and the possible collaps or the subfunction of the cells can be stopped. 


We will give you gladly more detailed information on request. At all in our opinion both for prevention and for supporting the healing process the device for water-structering is a must-have as well as a protection against electronic smog (see our other products). That is why we are offering the product.


Generall information: Giving the energy directly to the cells the device for water structuring enables the healthy organism to see abnormalities in the body (medicinal declared as disease). We mainly take notice of this by feeling of warmth. If the healthy organism has seen an abnormality by the device it starts autonomously to clear this part with its own energy and the energy given by the device. This water structuring of cells only works with a healthy organism and has no direct impact on an abnormal condition in our body. For consequence you can not cure any "disease" with this device because the energy and structuring can only be absorbed by a healthy cell! Cytologically "diseased" cells, for example cancer cells, have the following energetically polarised status: functional but without any ability to communicate

The device for water structuring only helps and enables the healthy organism to organize itself. 


The device should be used with the awareness "to keep healthy" and not to cure a "disease".


This water-structuring does not cure or treat and it is not a medical device. It is no substitute for necessary medical or psychological diagnoses o treatments. It is recommanded to let a doctor and / or therapist clarify present discomfort.